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BALANCE OF TRADE, Com. law. The difference between the exports and importations, between two countries. The balance of trade is against that country which has imported more than it has exported, for which it is debtor to the other country.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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accounted for 13.9 percent of net exports in the first four months of this year.
It noted that last year, despite the impact of lower net exports, real GDP growth remained robust in the Philippines, with domestic demand benefiting from favorable terms of trade.
Among the variables used in barberry export supply, the variable the proportion of Barberry's world prices to its domestic prices, the value of net exports and gross domestic product, after one time calculating difference, showed durability from themselves while other variables are in durable level.
In other words, the net exports function is, in essence, exogenously stable or constant.
Deputy Governor Charles Bean said yesterday a sustained recovery will require a shift to net exports, and a stronger currency would "not be particularly helpful" in facilitating rebalancing, he said.
According to our projection, GDP will grow around 2.5%, propelled mainly by net exports, and to a lesser degree by investments.
"There is now an even more marked contrast between 2011, when net exports made a very strong positive contribution to overall growth, offsetting weak domestic demand, and 2012, where domestic demand rose by a respectable 1.4% but net trade knocked over 1% off this figure to give overall GDP growth of just 0.3%.
This article focuses on the evolution of research and development (R&D) capacity, net exports of China's furniture industry, and their relationship; analyzes the impact of changes in external factors on R&D capacity, net exports, and profits; and makes predictions for R&D capacity, net exports, and profits.
Summary: Qatar hedges oil exports, brokers est 200,000 bpd; Mexico hedges bulk of its net exports
In spite of its steadily increasing production, China last year imported 1.6 million tonnes (63 million bushels) of corn, breaking a 15-year streak of net exports. In August, its corn imports reached the highest monthly volume since last October.
The net exports of Asean and Saarc remained negative throughout last two decades.