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Effect of mimosine on portal-drained visceral net flux and concentrations of amino acids and minerals in plasma of Alpine goats.
The net flux of VFAs across splanchnic tissues in relation to feeding timeNet portal appearance for acetate was athighest levels at 4 h (P less than 0.
The logarithmic gains simply represent the percentage change in the logarithmic value of the steady state of a dependent variable and net flux or local flux as a result of an infinitesimal change in the logarithmic value of an independent variable [15], which are computed as follows:
The difference between emigration and immigration is shown in Table 2 as the net flux in biomass and as the net flux in numbers.
Stream water discharge from the URB site was the highest of the three catchments, as was the net flux of solutes measured (Fig.
1994) introduced the concept that the net flux of soil that moves downslope as a result of tillage can be described by using a diffusion-type equation that contains a coefficient representing the net downslope displacement per unit slope width for each tillage tool.
The short-term fluxes are then summed to yield a daily or tidal net flux.
Consequently, the net flux to the atmosphere is highly dependent on small fluctuations in the water table.