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Banks in the lowest earnings quartile also had relatively more nonperforming loans as a percentage of assets, which lowered their interest income and narrowed their net interest margins considerably.
Second quarter 2010 net interest margin (net interest income divided by average interest-earning assets) increased 91 basis points to 3.
The banking industry's net interest margin edged down, as declines at money center banks outweighed slight increases at small- and medium-sized banks.
Similarly, the reclassifications decreased the net interest margin but also improved (decreased) the efficiency ratio.
Compared to 2Q13, the net interest margin decline was primarily attributable to lower yields on interest earning assets as the loan portfolio continued to re-price down in the low interest rate environment.
HK), considered to be the world's largest lender by market value, has announced that its net interest margin is likely to recover in the second half.
The net interest margin at money center banks improved considerably more than it did at other banks, despite a relatively large increase of three-quarters of a point in interest expense.
Rating Criteria for Net Interest Margin Securities: Updated'.
NS) is expecting its net interest margin to be at 2.
Corpbanca's profitability has been sound in recent years, underpinned by good cost efficiency and a wide net interest margin.
Contributing to the higher net interest income was the increase in both average earning assets and net interest margin.