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AOL, for example, pressed Netscape to give up a seat on its board of directors and, when it balked, demanded that AOL be allowed to run Netscape's popular Web site.
HP is pleased to offer our customers a choice with the addition of the Netscape browser to our consumer PC line up," said Nick Labosky, Director of Worldwide Consumer PC Beyond-the-Box group at HP.
Quick and easy to download, current Netscape Internet service subscribers can get the services by downloading or registering through links on the Netscape Internet service start page, or via their "My Account" settings.
We're committed to offering Netscape users a range of online products and services that interest them most.
Hank Gilman, managing editor of FSB, said, "We're excited to be bringing together the best of both worlds with Netscape Netbusiness by combining leading content with comprehensive Internet tools and services for small businesses.
com is one of the most visited sites on the Internet with more than 38 million registered users, and Netscape Netbusiness ranks among the fastest-growing Internet destinations for small business owners.
Visitors to the "Dear Mom" section will be provided with links to popular Netscape tools such as Netscape Mail and Netscape Instant Messenger, allowing them to send Mom an e-mail or IM, in lieu of, or in addition to the card or phone call they may have already planned.
Netscape communications is a leading provider of open software and services that link people and information over the Internet.