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Unlike other noise-figure solutions, Agilent's PNA-X network analyzers combine S-parameter vector-error correction and an impedance tuner to fully remove the effects of imperfect system source match.
The use of the N4261A filter tuning software and a properly equipped vector network analyzer allows operators without extensive experience to perform
Providing a lower price alternative to the Agilent PNA and PNA-X network analyzers, the new PNA-L models are well suited for a range of applications, including S-parameters of passive components and simple active device measurements of amplifier and frequency converters.
When the network analyzer reverses the direction of the measurement (that is, the source and load ports are swapped), a new set of six error terms applies.
More information on the frequency converter measurement solution for the PNA-X and PNA Series network analyzers is available at www.
Telekom Srbija is using the Motive Network Analyzer to guarantee a high quality experience of its high-speed internet and triple play services, as well as to provide its users with the highest possible broadband speeds.
ECal can then transfer that high level of accuracy to any network analyzer.
One of the key strengths of the Network Analyzer is that it can be used to manage tests carried out in multiple locations and to process the test results," says Ari Takanen, the CTO of Codenomicon.
Alcatel-Lucent announced that Telenor chose its Motive Network Analyzer technology to modernize access network in Norway.
A Network Analyzer Exhibits High Performance at 50 GHz in Coaxial Transmission Lines
NYSE:A) today announced it has combined its Network Analyzer software with a new hardware interface card that enables communications service providers and network equipment manufacturers to perform real-time expert testing and troubleshooting in 10 gigabit-per-second (Gbps) Ethernet environments.
Contract award: delivery of a 4-port vector network analyzer (vna).

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