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She coaches Virtual Assistants and will be presenting at the August 6, 2010 Workshop at The Network Hub.
He was responsible for managing the industry's dominant LattisNet intelligent network hub solutions from the first Ethernet over twisted pair hub to multi-service modular platforms garnering over $1.
CDI's COWs product - a cart of refurbished notebook computers with a built-in wireless network hub - enables teachers at Kindergarten-through-grade-12 schools to cover multiple classrooms with computing resources and district administrators to reduce the costs of purchasing technology by as much as 66 percent.
An ARCXtend deployment includes a network hub, mounted on a cable strand or on a building or a tower, and a transceiver/antenna that connects to a standard cable modem within the business location.
By plugging a PC into a network hub or a mirrored switch port, the monitoring software provides network managers with immediate insight into all applications running over the WAN.

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