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Articles were included if they (a) primarily used qualitative methods (interviews, focus groups, participant observation, narrative, and so forth), (b) reported on the experiences of individuals and families living with neuromuscular disease, (c) were included in peer-reviewed journals, and (d) were written in English.
The overwhelming number of physiologically nonweanable residents suffering from progressive neuromuscular diseases, including ALS, MS, and Guillain-Barre, has been a disappointment to our professional staff.
MDA is a voluntary health agency working to defeat more than 40 neuromuscular diseases through worldwide research, services and professional and public health education.
This great man has battled various illnesses over the years but still got out there to raise money to defeat neuromuscular diseases.
If he suspects ALS or any other neuromuscular disease, ask for a written referral to an MDA clinic.
Although CK-2017357 does not increase the maximal force of contraction, it increases the response to weaker neuronal signals that cause disability in many neuromuscular diseases.
8220;MDA has had a powerful impact through its pioneering efforts in the field of neuromuscular diseases.
Those who really should be honored are the people who struggle every day with neuromuscular diseases.
Santhera Pharmaceuticals AG is a Swiss biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and marketing of small molecule pharmaceutical products for the treatment of neuromuscular disease.
It is a neuromuscular disease characterised by a weakening of the muscles which results in paralysis.
In addition to helping those in a general weakened condition, this product is useful for residents with arthritis, Parkinson's disease, muscular dystrophy, neuromuscular disease, degenerative joint disease, and those contending with postoperative or knee and hip conditions.
Eventually, he was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), a progressive neuromuscular disease affecting primarily males and which limits the lifespan to the teens or early 20s.

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