Neutral property

NEUTRAL PROPERTY, insurance. The words "neutral property" in a policy of insurance, have the effect of warranting that the property insured is neutral; that is, that it belongs to the citizens or subjects of a state in amity with the belligerent powers.
     2. This neutrality must be complete hence the property of a citizen or subject of a neutral state, domiciled in the dominions of one of the belligerents, and carrying on commerce there, is not neutral property; for though such person continue to owe allegiance to his country, and may at any time by returning there recover all the privileges of a citizen or subject of that country; yet while he resides in the dominion of a belligerent he contributes to the wealth and strength of such belligerent, and is not therefore entitled to the protection of a neutral flag; and his property is deemed enemy's property, and liable to capture, as such by the other belligerent. Marsh. Ins. B. 1, c. 9, s. 6; l John. Cas. 363; 3 Bos. & Pull. 207, u. 4; Esp. R. 108; l Caines' R. 60; 16 Johns. R. 128. See also 2 Johns. Cas. 478; 1 Caines' C. Err. xxv.; l Johns. Cas. 360; 2 Johns. Cas. 191.
     3. If the warranty of neutrality be false at the time, it is made, the policy will be void ab initio. But if the 'ship, and property are neutral at the time when the risk commences, this is a sufficient compliance with a warranty of neutral property, and a subsequent declaration of war will not be a breach of it. Dougl. 705. See 1 Binn. 293; 8 Mass. 308; 14 Johns. R. 308; 5 Binn. 464; 2 Serg. & Rawle, 119; 4 Cranch, 185; 7 Cranch, 506; 2 Dall. 274.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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[89] Belligerents are required to respect neutral property and may not move troops or munitions of war onto or across neutral territory.
"[T]he modern right of angary is a right of belligerents to destroy, or use, in case of necessity, for the purpose of offence or defence, neutral property on their territory, or on enemy territory, or on the open sea." [142] This right applies to all types of property to include vessels and other forms of transport, arms, pr ovisions and other personal property, as long as it will serve a military need.
troops and weapons, the satellite and ground systems would become military objectives and lose their protection as neutral property. [161] Although remote sensing is considered direct support where military intelligence is provided, it could be argued that that alone it is not enough to justify self-defense, due to the lack of imminence of the attack.
(143.) As Oppenheim states, "All sorts of neutral property, whether it consists of vessels or other means of transport, or arms, ammunition, provisions, or other personal property, may be the object of the right of angary, provided it is serviceable to military ends and wants." OPPENHEIM, supra note 93, at 762.
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