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The commission's head of plant health, Roddie Burgess, said, 'This is a new disease which is not recorded anywhere else.
The new disease does not yet have a scientific name, but has been dubbed Phytophthora kernovii, Kernow being the ancient name for Cornwall.
New diseases will become increasingly serious due to crowded populations, massive air travel, and possibly bioterrorism.
Syphilis may not have been a completely new disease, since what the ancient and medieval people called leprosy might, in some cases, have been a form of syphilis.
This was a new disease with a new, unknown cause, and no one could have anticipated it," says Archer.
Prompt detection of new disease and threats will help to reach appropriate decisions on food safety, animal and human health, animal welfare and environment.
In addition to examining formal medical treatises, they investigate hospital care of mal franciosati (pox victims), the reactions in the courts, the competition among empirics and physicians, and the academic debate over whether mal francese was a new disease or one known to the ancients.
Like pinta, was it American in origin, or a new disease that burst upon Europe during the time of the Columbian voyages, or was it a newly mutated one?
Ongoing studies are both uncovering new disease pathways (from animals to humans, and vice versa) and helping devise effective treatment.

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