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Pick up an article in any major publication about this year's primary campaign and get ready for a stream of cliches that most Americans now know by heart - "rugged individualists," "rock-ribbed conservatism," "Yankee common sense," "grassroots democracy," "New England town-meeting tradition," "New Hampshirites like to look a man in the eye before they give him their vote."
Like most New Hampshirites, I am proud of our state's informed citizenry and the unique role we play in the nation's democracy.
Both senators, although unable to attend the formal sessions, spoke with the New Hampshirites in the hall as they returned to their offices from other commitments and, as always, struck them as gracious, knowledgeable, adult and responsible.
Students ranged from their mid-20s to -50s and include native New Hampshirites as well as native Kenyans.
The development of the computer industry is loaded with such stories, and many New Hampshirites were part of them.
In about a month, New Hampshirites will be able to convert cash to bitcoins via new bitcoin ATMs popping up in the state.
All New Hampshirites should learn about the debt and deficit, listen to the campaign to Fix the Debt and the Concord Coalition, participate and speak up.
New Hampshirites, true to our independent spirit are trying to restore government to the people.

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