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As the fastest-growing group based on take-home pay, the new rich tend to enjoy better schools, employment and gated communities, making it easier to pass on their privilege to their children.
The new Rich SMS feature allows users to send real-time text messages from an online ad to a mobile device, with the recipient directed to a rich mobile minisite from which they can watch videos and access other downloadable content.
It's so easy to go blonde at home with the new Rich Honey Collection from Garnier Nutrisse Cream.
Developers will be able to create and offer new rich content, applications, and data services based on Flash and targeted at these handsets.
Meanwhile, President Fidel Castro has blamed many of the country's woes on what he described as Cuba's new rich, namely intermediaries and independent restaurant owners who have profited from the economy's limited opening up to private enterprise.
Heskey is worth pounds 11 million, according to a new rich list of footballers compiled by football magazine FourFourTwo.
Then someone shoves a poisoned syringe into the back of the ex-wife's new rich Lebanese husband, Alex Constantine, and Markby finds himself a suspect in a murder.
Finnish telecomms solutions provider Nokia said on Friday (8 October) that it had signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the French telecomms operator France Telecom for the joint development of new rich media solutions on mobile terminals.
The new rich of China are contributing to a sharp increase in sales of luxury goods and upscale residences.
Prostitutes from all over the region were said to have converged on Nanyuki, attracted by the nation's new rich.
Other enhancements include support for MP3 streaming audio, improved external media support, drag-and-drop media synchronisation, XML parsing and a new rich text editor.
The vogue among the New Rich is to dismiss the nonprofit sector as bloated and arcane, a black hole where contributions are frittered away on inefficient administration and expensive frills.

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