Surrogate Court

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Surrogate Court

A tribunal in some states with Subject Matter Jurisdiction over actions and proceedings involving, among other things, the probate of wills, affairs of decedents, and the guardianship of the property of Infants.

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surrogate court

n. a court in a few states (including New York) with jurisdiction over probates, estates and adoptions.

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(96) New York courts have described guardianship as "calculated to deprive a citizen not only of the possession of his property, but also of his personal liberty." (97) Two New York Surrogate's Courts (New York County and Kings County) have consistently invoked the liberty and property interests of individuals subjected to Article 17-A guardianship.
The estate was the largest ever brought before the New York Surrogate's Court, which probates wills.
of Philippson, (14) in which a mast settlement impoverished the grantor, the New York Surrogate's Court held it was implied that the trust assets would be used for the grantor's benefit.
Tax Court in Deutsch distinguished the Lemle decision on the ground that the widow's distributions consisted of estate income pursuant to the New York Surrogate's Court original order.[14] This is consistent with one of the primary grounds for the decision in Deutsch, that is, the widow was not entitled to participate in estate income under Florida law in any respect.

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