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A clash between new age travellers and police at Stonehenge on June 1, 1985, became known as the Battle of the Bean field.
There is speculation the body is that of a British man who had been living with a group of New Age Travellers on the nearby Coole Mountain.
It is believed the man was a frequent visitor to a camp inhabited by New Age Travellers of a number of different nationalities.
HUNDREDS of new age travellers who gathered at an historic site after summer solstice celebrations at Stonehenge last night dispersed, allaying fears of trouble.
The revellers came from all over - new age travellers, druids, hare-krishnas - who all celebrated the solstice in their own manner amid a cloud of smoke and incense haze.
NEW age travellers are being targeted by Suzuki as the Japanese car giant launches it latest assault on the compact market.
Violence erupted last weekend when police seized drugs and music equipment after 500 people, including New Age travellers, flocked to a beach in Connemara.
In 1994 the legal requirement for local authorities to provide authorised sites for them was withdrawn, partly because of concern at the rising number of new age travellers.
Mr Abru died after he was bludgeoned by the two New Age Travellers and another peace activist Stuart Spicer, 28, who was sentenced to life last month for the murder.
There's the violent farmer and his silent wife, two national park wardens with dodgy pasts, a bent copper, a vengeful victim, an embittered boyfriend, a convict on the run, a jailbird out on parole and two New Age travellers.