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Canada) survey New Literacy Studies to see how the concept of literacy as a social practice can be applied to classrooms.
This reflection is based on a Master's study regarding English language assessment from the perspective of the new literacy studies.
Although the "literacy myth" (as Harvey Graff has called it) would have us identify individual literacy with social mobility and economic advancement, the new literacy studies of the last 25 years has paid careful attention to the ideological nature of literacy and literacy practices.
Alsup, 2006; Clandinin & Connelly, 1995; Cole & Knowles, 2001; Florio-Ruane, 2001; Goodson, 1992; Goodson & Sikes, 2001; Lyons & LaBoskey, 2002; Middleton, 1993; Munro, 1998) and literacy researchers who comprise the New Literacy Studies (e.
According to Mahiri, new literacy studies attempt "to research and identify the specific nature and functions of an array of literary practices that young people appropriate for learning and expression" (p.
These New Literacy Studies are based on "conceptualizing literacy not in terms of skills and competencies, but as an integral part of social events and practices" (Maybin, 2000, p.
The introduction of New Literacy Studies (The New London Group, 1996; Gee, 2003) marked a profound shift in the way literacy is viewed.
Within the theoretical framework of the New Literacy Studies and sponsorship of literacy, Remley provides a detailed case study of how technical communication practices at a specific workplace illustrate the value of using a variety of multiple modes of representation to communicate, and the value of esteeming all modes, and of recognizing the important of developing multiple literacies.
The volume addresses the emerging study of games in learning, as well as the relationship between game skills and core principles of new literacy studies.