Novus homo

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NOVUS HOMO. A new man; this term, is applied to a man who has been pardoned of a crime, by which he is restored to society, and is rehabilitated.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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'I think the 'new man' label enabled men to both recognise their vanity and to realise they were missing out on the positives of child-raising.
I know this new man has changed your life, but three months is a very short space of time to make such a life-changing decision
Look at what he did at Wycombe, at Leicester, Villa, Celtic - we don't know what happened at Sunderland but you don't suddenly become a bad manager." Of how much the new man should be paid, Giles sees no problem in splashing out the cash for the right candidate.
STEPPING OUT n Geri heads off with her new man. Below, they leave in a taxi
"I've got a couple of months off work now, so once I've caught up with some sleep I'm going to spend some time looking for a new man," she added.
"But the new man won't need to change things totally.
now i have a new man who'd do anything for us but i dont know if i luv him.
Women are more irate in the home because they struggle to combine full-time jobs with running a household with the 'New Man' image still a myth.
The timing has worked to Swansea's advantage, with former Springbok coach Nick Mallet unveiled as the French-outfit's new man in charge in the same week as Plumtree's departure from St Helen's.
RTE star Tracy Piggott has hinted she is back on track and found a new man.
Should I tell them, say that he's just a friend or see how it goes with my new man first?
KERRY Katona's mum might have moved out yesterday - but the troubled telly star is looking to move a new man in.