Novus homo

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NOVUS HOMO. A new man; this term, is applied to a man who has been pardoned of a crime, by which he is restored to society, and is rehabilitated.

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According to Thomas Hemmerich, head of global sales and marketing: MAN Nutzfahrzeuge, the new MAN TGS-WW is a refinement of the TGA, equipped with MAN's latest Trucknology features as well as upgrades to certain components to better serve operators.
But sources close to Mackay insist a decision on the new manager needed to be made as soon as possible to allow the new man the time to start rebuilding.
GSE, who have investors with serious financial clout, will give Clough and their new man around pounds 3million for signings this summer, with Watford midfielder John Eustace on his way to the East Midlands.
And while Rihanna was getting cosy with her new man, Brown was seen hanging out with 26-year-old model Jessica Marquez over New Year's in Miami, Florida.
She is smitten and introduces her new man to son Sean (Lemasters) and daughter Beth (Samuels).
But the FAW's new president Phil Pritchard said he was unable to name the new man for contractual reasons, although he had a verbal acceptance from the man who will pick up pounds 100,000 as the replacement for David Collins - who retires in January when he is 65.
FOOTBALL AND FACIALS: "For some, a new man might be someone who stays at home to look after the children while his partner goes out to work.
It really is about a man that has been chosen to accomplish a role, to be an example for other people," Stallone told New Man Magazine.
Walser's symbolic "rebirth" sees him abandon his "grounded", objective and misogynistic narrative voice to become Fevvers' masochistic lover and the New Man for the New Century.
Blister's divorced mother has a new man in her life, and Blister just doesn't know what to feel for him.
Savannah's seaside week leads to an unexpected new man in her life and an unexpected ability to cope.
A leg-less boy named Captain Black, a hospital security guard named Scuttles, a new man in his mother's life, Alison Beech, a bold kidnapping scheme, a body washer down in the morgue, the Andytown Albinos, a near miss, a desperate plan and a bitter truth all play a part in this fast paced work.