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One casual path linking news styles, confidence, and consumption is that the modern news style erodes confidence and trust in the news, which in turn leads people to abandon the news.
Walsh said other Fox affiliates have pursued faster-paced news styles, but older audiences may choose an earlier newscast to get to sleep earlier.
Press releases written solely to suit the tastes of senior management, that myopically focus on company accomplishments, and that disregard news style, will not be printed by legitimate newspapers.
One thing that all press releases have in common is that, even though they are written in objective news style, they still attempt to present the company in a favorable light.
The e-mail scam sees hackers circulating news style e-mails disguised as alerts or updates on Hurricane Rita with the aim of luring unwitting users into infecting their computers from a dubious website.
No finished stories-Provide Broll only, since news style varies dramatically between countries;
Every public relations program at a university teaches its students basic journalism skills like identifying newsworthy topics and writing stories in news style.
The sultry Scottish news-reader, who recently made a big-money transfer to ITV, pioneered Channel 5's informal news style, perching casually on a desk rather than sitting behind it.