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In a press conference at the Houses of Parliament they accused politicians and newspaper editors of doing deals "behind closed doors".
SEABROOK ISLAND, SC - Fred Kardon, former newspaper editor, reporter and photographer, died Dec.
The online survey of local newspaper editors was conducted by the N per Society for L cal Newspape Week which this year is themed Your Voice.
So clip this out and send it to your congressman or woman and maybe a few newspaper editors, too: We CEOs and our businesses create jobs.
In 2002, the Sentinel was named the winner of the national Distinguished Service to the First Amendment Award for its investigation into NASCAR racing safety and its legal fight to overturn a state law restricting access to public records, Franklin is on the board of the Florida Society of Newspaper Editors and is chairman of the organization's Freedom of Information Committee.
THE Government is most concerned that paying witnesses in court proceedings should cease, even suggesting newspaper editors might be jailed if they didn't stop.
Yet, the percentage of minority representation in the newsroom raised slightly, according to a report released in April by the American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE), an organization of daily newspaper editors.
When pressed by newspaper editors to explain his legal authority in this area, he declined to elaborate.
An American Society of Newspaper Editors study found that young people of color make their career choices earlier than other young people, and if they don't choose a journalism career by high school, they likely won't in college.
Speaking of campaigns, Henderson State University released results of a political survey that said 88 percent of Arkansas newspaper editors rated television political advertising more effective than newspaper political advertising.
Last year the National Association of Newspaper Editors commissioned a massive three-year, million-dollar poll and research project entitled: "Why Has Newspaper Credibility Been Dropping?
William Hilliard, who could not deliver The Oregonian because he was black, became the paper's editor and President of the American Society of Newspaper Editors.