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It was only one of three newspaper joint operating agreement problems in recent days.
The Committee for a Two-Newspaper Town (CTNT) -- which went to court to keep the Seattle newspaper joint operating agreement (JOA) going -- now wants a judge to order The Seattle Times Co.
CEO Frank Blethen's family, is Exhibit A for the public policy argument to repeal the Newspaper Preservation Act of 1970 -- and prevent any future newspaper joint operating agreement (JOA).
1, the two members of the newspaper joint operating agreement in Seattle will increase the street-sale price of the daily paper 50 percent -- an extra quarter -- to 75 cents.
Another newspaper joint operating agreement will be ending soon, following last week's announcement by The E.
For the first time ever a judge has put on hold the dissolution of a newspaper joint operating agreement (JOA).
DETROIT'S NEWSPAPER JOINT operating agreement only narrowly won Supreme Court approval in 1989 on a 4-4 tie because justice Harry Blackmun switched at the last minute from approval to opposition, according to the recently released papers of the late Justice Thurgood Marshall.
Detroit's 18-month-old newspaper joint operating agreement, which has been an ad revenue disappointment, is proving no help in circulation, either.
An issuance of $4,100 million in debt to buy TV stations, a restructuring of one of the last newspaper joint operating agreements and the closure of the deal to sell the Boston Globe and related assets highlight the week's mergers and acquisitions news.
Newspaper joint operating agreements (JOAs) are like mail-order marriages.