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Noting this, ASEI and NEXI are planning to hold an annual seminar towards continuing education on the importance of Trade Credit Insurance.
If jus nexi were to supplant birthright citizenship, there is no logical reason why these principles could not be applied to eject people from the country of their birth if they were deemed to have insufficient ties to their home country.
The participants then play an economic game called "Give Some," which asks them to determine how much money Nexi might give them at the expense of her individual profit.
Operators covered for Kyrgyzstan include Sky Mobile LLC (BeeLine) (BITEL), MegaCom (Alfa Telecom Joint Stock Company), AkTel (Fonex), Katel, Nexi, and NUR Telecom LLC (O
DBJ), and MC, and is covered by Overseas UntiedLoan Insurance underwritten by NEXI.
MMC has successfully arranged the project financing with significant support from the two governmental Export Credit Agencies, NEXI and JBIC.
It is the first time for NEXI, which exclusively handles trade insurance policies in Japan, to join hands with commercial banks.
These prestations invoke the sense of others and their bodies as nexi of social relations.
A portion of private bank financing is accounted for by NEXI, Japan's official export credit agency.
The consortium made up of Nexi, Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC), Mitsui and SMBC signed the agreement on June 24, 2003 with the Indonesian consortium which consists of PT Trans Pasific Petrochemical Indotama (TPPI), Pertamina, and IBRA.