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The ZTE next-gen big video solution including MEC CDN will significantly speed up downloading while realizing the ultra-low latency.
TiVo's Next-Gen Platform is a future-proof solution that enables operators to effectively adapt to a rapidly changing market and emerging customer segments with a complete set of unified products and versatile deployment options across QAM, hybrid and IPTV.
Our 2017 Next-Gen 250 list is comprised of relatively new companies as well as established ones, all sharing the common thread of successful, trailblazing solutions designed to meet an unprecedented set of customer needs.
This trend continues at GITEX, as besides many other exciting solutions, visitors will be able to experience Oracle's latest next-gen cloud applications and the enhanced IoT Cloud with built in AI and Machine Learning features.
Technavio's analysts forecast the next-gen LMS market in Europe to grow at a CAGR of 27.
5-inch "phablet" version of the next-gen "iPhone 6" will be called "iPhone Air," though such a move would likely confuse the "Air" naming convention.
Thanks to the next-gen hardware capabilities, up to 5,000 characters can be displayed at one time onscreen, jacking up the stealth factor even more.
Combining modern core systems with enhanced business processes enables insurers to begin transforming the entire enterprise, becoming the foundation for leveraging Next-Gen technologies.
We've got roughly ten times as much animation in the next-gen version.
Johnson Center for Philanthropy, looks at the causes next-gen donors care about, how they approach their giving and how their approach differs from earlier generations.
Release date TBC THERE should be more to next-gen gaming than pretty graphics, of course.
A single instance of next-gen firewall is now sufficient to maintain the necessary security posture.

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