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NIECE, domestic relations: The daughter of a person's brother or sister. Amb. 514; 1 Jacob's Ch. R. 207.

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Indeed, I think he loses a very good dinner,' interrupted Scrooge's niece.
The old man felt then that the young man had ceased to hope; he felt the blood rushing to his heart, and if he conquered the vertigo that threatened him, it was because he would rather see his niece living and mad than dead.
Gardiner looked at her niece, desirous of knowing how SHE, whom the invitation most concerned, felt disposed as to its acceptance, but Elizabeth had turned away her head.
Higginbotham's niece come out of her fainting fits?
Miss Emmerson and her niece took their seats quietly with their work at an open window of the parlour, and order appeared to be restored in some measure to the mansion.
By convincing her that Fanny was very pretty, which she had been doubting about before, and that she would be advantageously married, it made her feel a sort of credit in calling her niece.
They did not tell their niece the sad news for several days, not wishing to make her unhappy; but one morning the little girl found Aunt Em softly crying while Uncle Henry tried to comfort her.
You may not be aware, sir, that in receiving my niece under her roof her Ladyship was receiving a gentlewoman by birth as well as by education.
Carbury said a word to him in private, while her niece was in the garden.
The consequences of the perfectly innocent intercourse thus begun were deplorable consequences for my niece.
The young humbug wants nothing of the sort--he wants my niece.
This fellow, Hawk, is monopolising your niece,' said Lord Frederick.