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NIECE, domestic relations: The daughter of a person's brother or sister. Amb. 514; 1 Jacob's Ch. R. 207.

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You may not be aware, sir, that in receiving my niece under her roof her Ladyship was receiving a gentlewoman by birth as well as by education.
A portion of it is at the service of my niece for the recovery of her good name; and I desire to place the necessary investigation confidentially in your hands.
Ah, senor," here exclaimed the niece, "remember that all this you are saying about knights-errant is fable and fiction; and their histories, if indeed they were not burned, would deserve, each of them, to have a sambenito put on it, or some mark by which it might be known as infamous and a corrupter of good manners.
The consequences of the perfectly innocent intercourse thus begun were deplorable consequences for my niece.
My niece is a very exceptional person, and I am not inclined to sit still while she throws herself away on those who will not appreciate her.
Your presence here is offensive to me and distressful to my niece.
Carbury said a word to him in private, while her niece was in the garden.
The young humbug wants nothing of the sort--he wants my niece.
No wonder, therefore, that her faculties were bewildered by the complex movements of the cotillion: and, in short, as the good lady daily contemplated the improvements of the female youth around her, she became each hour more convinced of her own inability to control, or in any manner to superintend, the education of her orphan niece.
Richard Hamel, Esther; my niece, Miss Esther Fentolin.
In spite of his intended silence, Sir Thomas found himself once more obliged to mention the subject to his niece, to prepare her briefly for its being imparted to her aunts; a measure which he would still have avoided, if possible, but which became necessary from the totally opposite feelings of Mr.
My niece and this poor girl are friends, apparently by some invisible chain of their common destiny, by the sentiment in each which has caused their madness.