Night walkers

NIGHT WALKERS. Persons who sleep by day and walk by night 5 E. Ill. c. 14; that is, persons of suspicious appearance and demeanor, who walk by night.
     2. Watchmen may undoubtedly arrest them, and it is said that private persons may also do so. 2 Hawk. P. C. 120; but see 3 Taunt. 14,; Ham. N. P. 135. Vide 15 Vin. Ab. 655; Dane's Ab. Index, h.t.

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72) Ten years later Thomas Conlett, a Watchmen in Bishopsgate, "charged" Anne Tooley, Sarah Nicholson, Martha Bradgate, Martha Barrett, and Esther Scott "for being comon lewd notorious Night walkers swearing & curseing in the Streets.
But despite the odd squeamish moment, I'm already addicted to the HBO fantasy of dragons, princesses, iron thrones and night walkers.
Speaking of vampires, one of Deen's many defenders is Anne Rice, who has written some fine novels about the fanged night walkers.
Late night walkers must remain cautious of sneaky humans spooking pets and passersby as well as left-over-goodies on sidewalks.
The Big Brum Night Walk on October 5 will see night walkers setting off at midnight.
For those they found in a distressed state, the Night Walkers often arrange ambulances or regularly provide First Aid to those requiring medical attention.
The Night Walkers by Honore Daumier This nocturnal scene from 1838-40 depicts two men crossing a bridge over the Seine.
Last night walkers and climbers were warned to be wary of the conditions on Snowdonia.
The Turner is delightful, the Joseph Wright of Derby dramatic, but in The Night Walkers (1838-40) Honore Daumier's attention is not on the hazy, urban moon but on the two Parisians who stop and stare, and Hoppner's moon is no more than a generalised studio backdrop to his portrait of the beautiful Jane Elizabeth, Countess of Oxford.
96) William Perry brought a complaint against Katherine Sheppard and Susannah Thomson "for being loose idle Disorderly persons common night walkers & Deluding him into a reputed house of Bawdry.
Last night Walkers confirmed that pounds 20 notes were put in 3,250 packets and pounds 5 notes in 187,000 packets.
Elizabeth makes up a more elaborate story when she and her brother spend the night sleeping under the stars; she tells him to beware the Night Walkers who roam at night, and her ghost stories terrify him.