Night walkers

NIGHT WALKERS. Persons who sleep by day and walk by night 5 E. Ill. c. 14; that is, persons of suspicious appearance and demeanor, who walk by night.
     2. Watchmen may undoubtedly arrest them, and it is said that private persons may also do so. 2 Hawk. P. C. 120; but see 3 Taunt. 14,; Ham. N. P. 135. Vide 15 Vin. Ab. 655; Dane's Ab. Index, h.t.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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At the sharp end of city's homelessness problem, Peter and his fellow night walkers have met people who have fallen victim to life on the streets.
all I will say is: be careful that your enemy doesn't use your best weapon against you' - Bray Wanderers' John Sullivan wary of those Night Walkers.
East Hanover, NJ, October 18, 2016 --( Anchors To Dusk is calling all you undead creatures and night walkers.
Only a few months earlier, Mary Shakespear and Ann Freeman were sentenced "to Labour" "For being Lewd disorderly Women Comon Night Walkers & being abuse full & Swearing sewall Oathes," BR/MG.
A mysterious, secret formula holds the key to calming the war among the Night Walkers, but three ingredients have been left coded and can only be unearthed by the brothers.
But despite the odd squeamish moment, I'm already addicted to the HBO fantasy of dragons, princesses, iron thrones and night walkers.
Speaking of vampires, one of Deen's many defenders is Anne Rice, who has written some fine novels about the fanged night walkers. Rice fretted about a lynch mob, while loyal followers are simply dismayed that Deen's goose is cooked.
Known as the 'Night Walkers', and camped on two wooden benches on the notoriously rowdy Tefkou Anthia Street, Dag Folkestad and his team are on duty every evening from 11pm till 3am, handing out bottled water, chatting to tourists and helping those that have become worse-for-wear.
The Night Walkers by Honore Daumier This nocturnal scene from 1838-40 depicts two men crossing a bridge over the Seine.
Last night walkers and climbers were warned to be wary of the conditions on Snowdonia.
Other night walkers used modified mechanics' worklights with grilles and anachronistic bright blue-white LED sources, which broke up the light emitted in a similar way.
The Turner is delightful, the Joseph Wright of Derby dramatic, but in The Night Walkers (1838-40) Honore Daumier's attention is not on the hazy, urban moon but on the two Parisians who stop and stare, and Hoppner's moon is no more than a generalised studio backdrop to his portrait of the beautiful Jane Elizabeth, Countess of Oxford.