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[Latin, Nothing.] The abbreviated designation of a statement filed by a sheriff or constable with a court describing his or her unsuccessful attempts to serve a writ, notice, or process upon the designated person.

The complete phrase nihil est refers to a failure to serve any writ while the term nihil habet describes the failure to serve a writ Scire Facias or another writ.

The term nil is a contracted form of nihil.


(ni [as in it]-hill) n. Latin for nothing.

See: nonentity
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Primum fratres habemus quibus nihil sit ornatius, nihil impudentius.
Barbari sunt & inhumani, qui nihil aestimant, nisi quod sit fructuosum, neque sibi exemplo sunt.
Cuando ejercia su labor docente, se percibia que disfrutaba ensenando, y parecia no estar sino diciendo, como San Agustin a Adeodato: Vides ergo iam nihil nos locutione nisi ut doceamus appetere (3).
The man pressed Under the Nihil is unnamed, but he is a former seminarian, drawn to the priesthood more as a means of escape from reality than out of genuine vocation.
IV, 13 (V, 351a-b): <<Sed aliqui videntur posuisse materiam ingenitam; et sic sequitur, quod Deus nihil facit: quia materiam non facit, quia ingenita; nec formam, quia aut fit de aliquo, aut de nihilo; non de materia, quia essentia formae non potest fieri de essentia materiae; nec de nihilo, ut supponunt, eo quod Deus nihil potest facere de nihilo.
Well, the O'Keeffe motto written under the tongue of each shoe is "Forte et Fideli Nihil Difficile" -- to the brave and faithful nothing is difficult.
In addition to T for totum (all), there was N for nihil (nothing), D for depone (put), and A for aufer (take), closely corresponding to the Hebrew letter meanings associated with gimel, nun, shin, and heh.
In Latin' "Ex nihil nihil fit" - "from nothing nothing comes".
The report quoted INTUC general secretary Nihil Mehta as saying "Workers cannot earn their wages at the cost of their lives - they are popping pain-killers owing to workload.
Canon law still recommends that Catholic works concerning scripture, theology, church history, or morality be submitted to the local ordinary for a nihil obstat ("nothing forbids") and imprimatur ("let it be printed") before publication, although in practice only a minority of books religion texts, prayer books, or other official collections--go through that process.
The film is produced by Depp's production company, Infinitum Nihil.