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[Latin, Nothing.] The abbreviated designation of a statement filed by a sheriff or constable with a court describing his or her unsuccessful attempts to serve a writ, notice, or process upon the designated person.

The complete phrase nihil est refers to a failure to serve any writ while the term nihil habet describes the failure to serve a writ Scire Facias or another writ.

The term nil is a contracted form of nihil.

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(ni [as in it]-hill) n. Latin for nothing.

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The key difference between Brassier's dissertation and Nihil Unbound is his reading of Laruelle.
To such an understanding of the reasons of the lack of measure, form and order of natures Augustine adds a reflection concerning the cause of movement that is essential in order to identify the group of elements related to his identification of malum and nihil. By examining the source of movement Augustine stresses that it corresponds to the nothingness out of which all natures are made: "Therefore, then, of whatsoever measure, of whatsoever form, of whatsoever order they are, they are such because God has made them; but they are not immutable, because they have been made from nothing" (Augustine, 1955, 10.
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So 'Pauper sumego, nihil habeo' ' For those too hungry and cold to learn Latin, it means, 'I am poor, I have nothing.'' T.
Andrew Lazar of Mad Chance will produce the movie with Depp and his Infinitum Nihil partner Christi Dembrowski.
The author also discusses Depp's current projects, including, beyond acting, his own publishing house within HarperCollins, Infinitum Nihil. The imprint already has a variety of exotic and unconventional books -- not unexpected from the man known for his quirky roles -- lined up for publication.
But to me the rule of the thumb to follow here is: "Say nothing but good about the dead" (De mortis nihil nisi bonum though someone not too familiar with Latin rendered it as: After death only bones remain).