Nihil habet

NIHIL HABET. The name of a return made by a sheriff, marshal, or other proper officer, to a scire facia.9 or other writ, when he has not been able to, serve it on the defendant. 5 Whart. 367.
     2. Two returns of nihil are in general equivalent to a service. Yelv. 112; 1 Cowen, 70; 1 Car. Law Regags. 491; 4 Blackf. 188; 2 Binn. 40.

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The passages quoted above also throw light on a paragraph in his last work, the Ecclesiastes, in which the mirror metaphor is used to emphasize the unique value of human speech: "Humanae mentis imago quaedam est oratio, qua nihil habet homo mirabilius .