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This is my response to the naysayers and nihilists who believe that jails and prisons are so far gone they are not worth investing in.
If that's the case then we can get all communists, socialists, anarchists, nihilists, racists etc.
Syrian National Mess You'd think Syria's elite politicians would have been self-motivated to compromise and act by the destruction and mass slaughter in their homeland, by the urgency of the tragedy, by the vacuum allowing nihilists and potential warlords to call shots.
outlawing abortion), but the ways in which and the extent to which the Nihilists seek to violate rights--from trampling the First Amendment to aiding Islamist regimes to crushing or nationalizing entire industries--is substantially more dangerous, at least in the short term.
However, since nihilists reject objective moral standards, they "threaten the possibility of civilized life.
It is an initiative that only political nihilists would dare to pass over.
Camus characterises such rebels as nihilists, ideational twins of Herzen, Pisarev and the Russian nihilists of the 19th century, whose literary archetype was the character of the young Bazarov in Turgenev's novel Fathers and Sons.
Dearinger, who teaches English at a college preparatory school, offers a biography of forgotten actress Marie Prescott (1850-1893), who starred in, produced, and directed Oscar Wilde's first play, Vera, or the Nihilists.
Dear Editor, Gordon Brown's bold new move to create 100,000 jobs on environmental projects and from investments in new technology is precisely stage one of a progressive way forward, so desperately needed at this time, understanding as it does the consequences of inaction on the environment and economy would be vastly outweighed over the long-term by the "solutions" of the "do-nothing, sit on your hands" political nihilists in the Tory Party and across the right-wing of the Lib Dems who proposed many of the measures eg.
Jeff Bridges plays a middle-aged man who likes to chill and enjoy his home life and bowling but is plunged into a freaky, noirish mystery when he is attacked by weird German nihilists.
Gardner's observation of the clash between the chauvinists, who saw nothing wrong in America, and the nihilists, who wanted America to implode and to be rebuilt into a new "socialist" model, was the perfect metaphor for the 1970s.
Hence, nihilists would not condone a debate over what the true meaning of education is, though they might consider entering into a debate over what meaning is best assigned to education.