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Dakle, mozemo pretpostaviti da lezija lijevog medijalnog reznja ne utjece na dohvacanje semantickih obiljezja s nize razine leksicko-semanticke obrade ili da je doslo do funkcionalno neuroanatomske reorganizacije leksicko-semanticke obrade.
Sutra mu kupio nove hamove: vise remeni do nize kolena i biju ga rojte po vilicama.
53) e colocada de forma muito pontual por Nize Maria Campos Pellanda, em "Leitura como processo cognitivo complexo".
In: PELLANDA, Nize Maria Campos; PELLANDA, Eduardo Campos (Orgs.
He suggests an ironic reading wherein the ostentatious repeti tion of moral terms creates a comic exaggeration and produces a sort of political parody, in which the sisters are repeating sound bites that the audience would recog nize.
58) Nize -- -- -- -- CAR -- -- -- -- (-60,-1) CAR -- -- -- -- (0, 1) SEPS -- -- -- -- OPTPREM -- -- -- -- Adj.
Students will learn to recog- Activity: Reading Classroom Cues nize, create, and use external cues in the classroom.
A police wiretap on Scalise's office in 1934, picked him up using Carfano's contacts to arrange for James Plumeri, a Lucchese Crime Family member, to damage some trucks in lower Manhattan, apparently as part of Scalise's efforts to orga nize Teamsters Local 272.
Finally, policymakers and practitioners must recog nize that neither child support policy nor fathering programs can offer comprehensive or structural solutions to the disadvantages that children raised in single-parent families face.
color) The Hart district board is considering plans to moder nize Arroyo Seco Junior High that could involve redesign or rebuilding of some classrooms.
During her tenure as the president of the South Miami Kendall Bar Association, Trusty helped orga nize and create a free legal help table.
Many recog nize that leadership often involves political characteristics, and, certainly, eminent political scientists have focused on leadership as a critical element in the success or failure of governmental office holders, party officials, and the like.