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Since practical measurements include NLOS errors, we cannot perfectly obtain Eq.
Two scenarios (Scenarios 1 for the LOS conditions and Scenarios 2 for the NLOS conditions) were applied when a wireless router was fixed at a height of 1.
The NLOS project office had conducted its own cost estimates including detailed risk analyses.
The NLOS bias is assumed to follow the uniform distribution U (0, [B.
The Taqua W2600 NLOS Backhaul System is the first in a series of small cell site backhaul products that will utilize the underused, inexpensive licensed TDD spectrum.
The firing of these test rounds from the NLOS Cannon is the next step in proving the NLOS Cannon will have the capability to execute a battlefield mission using precision fire munitions," said Mark Signorelli, vice president of Army Programs at BAE Systems.
BARCELONA, Spain -- Mobile broadband SoC maker DesignArt Networks today unveiled a ground breaking NLOS backhaul solution for the mobile infrastructure.
PIM and NLOS Cannon are complimentary weapon systems supporting our soldiers in the current and future force formations.
Through our specially designed Mission Equipment Vibration Table (MEVT), we are taking the NLOS Cannon through a 20-year life-span within 12-18 months," said Jim Unterseher, BAE Systems vice president of Army Programs.
The data we've gathered from these tests are being directly applied to the prototype chassis and gun assemblies we are now building and will begin integrating later this winter," said Mark Signorelli, NLOS Cannon program manager at BAE Systems.