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Q: MY love of the Noble Art was rekindled by the Olympics and I'd love to take it up again.
Forget the noble art of hand-to-hand combat - it's always easier with weapons.
Although the broader cultural argument of the book remains somewhat underdeveloped, the readings of the plays are compelling and sophisticated, and Berry's practice of setting them alongside works like George Gascoigne's The Noble Art of Venery produces genuinely surprising insights.
RIIFS, he says, "encourages Arab Christians to develop the noble art of conversation and writing," and also sponsors academic conferences and speakers.
He has not altered his basic approach, which is chronological, nor his concentration on 'the high points of English creative genius as expressed in the noble art of architecture'.
And the Andre De Shieldses of the world are refining or honing that shuffle into a very noble art, which needs to be recognized by our own kin.
Perhaps in our day it is surprising to see a reference to "the noble art of politics," and to read in John XXIII's Pacem in Terris (1963), "It is our earnest wish that the United Nations Organization may be able progressively to adapt its structure and methods for the magnitude and nobility of its tasks.
Golota's sparring partners have been ordered to stand on his toes, put their thumb in his eye and try to wrench his shoulders from their sockets - all the niceties of the noble art commonly practised by Tyson.
Constant Lambert was never able to persuade anyone to stage a ballet to Sousa music, and even Strauss's Viennese waltzes were at one time regarded as a little downscale for the noble art of Terpsichore.
According to an official of NHLH Division, this calligraphy exhibition will provide a platform for the young and professional calligraphers to display their artistic skills and motivate them to further achieve excellence in this noble art.
Mohamed Benguesmia aurait meme pu atteindre les sommets du noble art mondial lorsqu'il avait reussi a integrer la fameuse ecurie du renomme promoteur americain, Don King.
At the epicentre of all the ring action was Joe Shepherd, a man I got to know well as an astute matchmaker and a source of countless stories about the noble art.