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NOBILITY. An order of men in several countries to whom privileges are granted at the expense of the rest of the people.
     2. The constitution of the United States provides that no state shall "grant any title of nobility; and no person can become a citizen of the United States until he has renounced all titles of nobility." The Federalist, No. 84; 2 Story, Laws U. S. 851. 3. There is not in the constitution any general prohibition against any citizen whomsoever, whether in public or private life, accepting any foreign title of nobility. An amendment of the constitution in this respect has been recommended by congress, but it has not been ratified by a sufficient number of states to make it a part of the constitution. Rawle on the Const. 120; Story, Const. Sec. 1346.

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Her evidence is taken primarily from wills, dowry and marriage contracts, lawsuits, genealogies, and letters from the family archives of nine noble families in the Osuna, Frias, and Astorga collections in the National Historic Archives in Toledo.
Nonetheless, the Zimmern Chronicle is exactly the right source for the final section of this book, where Hurwich has drawn on the chronicler's own views of sexuality, concubines, and his "hostility to bastards" to discuss the mentalites of Germany's noble families (251).
The term has generally been used to describe women who did not uphold the culture's accepted ideal of the female role and instead operated in a male role as executors or heads of noble families.
Celebrity chef Marco Pierre White's attempts to forge a new food and drink manufacturing empire using endorsement from fellow cooking gurus will also tap into the approval of some of Britain's most noble families, The Grocer has learned.
By the mid-eighteenth century a row of imposing residences and gardens lined the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland, where noble families and courtiers organized lavish entertainments in an environment "associated with a rejection of the status distinctions that underpinned social contacts in the city and at court.
The acting students came from noble families, they grew up in palaces, among the portraits of their elders--so the historic figures on the stage were much closer to them.
Although historical work on family structures has thrown much light on the noble families of the Middle Ages, and it is a commonplace of literary scholarship that aristocratic society forms an essential social framework for medieval vernacular literature, much still remains to be done to bring the strands of historical and literary research together in this field.
Set in Verona, Italy, the plot, as in the original, revolves around the long-standing feud between two noble families.
Some 20 percent of young noble males became monks or priests, so Bouchard emphasizes the relationship of noble families to local monasteries.
His method is to study the transformation of a socially and legally fluid group around 1300 into a precisely defined group of noble families over the next 250 years.
Princess Caroline's husband is descended from one of Germany's oldest noble families.
But according to the Association of French Nobility, there are still some 3,500 noble families in France.