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He stressed: "The need to deny terrorists access to media outlets, counter terrorism and extremist ideology throughout the region and the world by strengthen communication between Muslim scholars in all Islamic countries as well as unite the word and support noble positions in the defense of Al- Aqsa Mosque and Quds Al-Sharif (Jerusalem) against the Zionist schemes to Judaize Al-Quds.
Ibrahim Bu Melha, head of the organizing committee of DIHQA, told reporters that the prestigious title was awarded to King Salman for his noble positions and tremendous contributions in the service of Islam, Muslims and the holy mosques.
I hope you, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and your brethren, the leaders of the coalition countries, to kindly support this move for the sake of our quest to achieve security and stability for our country, with the leadership and people valuing your support and your noble positions in Yemen.
The noble positions of the UAE and its support for Al-Azhar reflect its leaders' firm stance to provide all support for whatever serves the causes of Arabs and Muslims, Shaikh El-Tayeb stressed.