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Disseminated systemic Nocardia farcinica infection complicating alefacept and infliximab therapy in a patient with severe psoriasis.
The differential diagnosis of actinomycosis includes fungal infections, neoplasms, Nocardia infection, and Mycobacterium infection, among others.
Common organisms isolated include Nocardia, Aspergillus, Listeria, E.
Following the MRI findings and history of Nocardia pneumonia, the patient underwent treatment with high-dose Bactrim, high-dose meropenem, and amikacin.
The Nocardia asteroides Complex: Nocardiosis, Treatment and Epidemiological Studies.
There are different genera of decomposing bacteria which some of them are Nocardia, Pseudomonas, Coryneform, Alcaligenes, Arthrobacter, Bacillus, Flauobacterium, Acinetobacter and Achromobacter.
Two actinomycetes were isolated and identified as Nocardia sp.
Preparation and Properties of a Cholesterol Oxidase from Nocardia Species and its Application to the Enzymatic Assay of Total Cholesterol in Serum.
I used to keep a list for my fellows of the psittacosis, nocardia, sarcoid, and other things that were masquerading as metastatic breast cancer," said Dr.
In case of Nocardia species, the growth by coverslip culture technique was studied at 24hrs interval for the fragmentation of the mycelium.
1) It wasn't until 1980, however, that the organism's cell wall composition and biochemical reactions were found to be more closely related to Nocardia and Mycobacterium than Corynebacterium, that the genus was changed to Rhodococcus ("red-pigmented coccus).