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By leveraging its reference platform delivery model, as well as strategic partners such as Microsoft and Oracle, Stellcom quickly and effectively builds customized solutions to enable nomadic computing.
Nomadic computing assumes they want access to a variety of information services.
The high-performance Internet will also enable people to break free from their desks, providing the critical bridge to make telecommuting a reality, to bring mobility to Intranet applications, and to make nomadic computing possible," said Roth.
The afternoon panel, devoted to forward-looking developments, will feature a presentation on nomadic computing by Internet pioneer Leonard Kleinrock, professor of computer science at the University of California at Los Angeles, who directed the first data transmission over the Internet.
It embodies the concept of nomadic computing in which a person can log on to any computer at any time and access personal content and e-mail stored on their home or office PC," said Julie Jacobs, president of CyberFlyer Technologies.
Virtual Vision continues to expand the frontiers of nomadic computing by integrating HMDS technology with speech recognition systems, body-worn computers, and wireless communications.