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It is however the rural and nomadic people that find this service such a precious lifeline.
What the specific items are may depend on cultural values -- the wealth of nomadic people, for instance, maybe measured in terms of camels or sheep.
We are nomadic people, we don't have an identity card," 11-year-old Khaled said.
Fascinated by the delicate and interwoven relationship between the nomadic people, animals and the land, Nancy developed a deeper understanding and respect for the bond between the herder families' livelihoods, their yaks, and the Mongolian landscape.
The African country is arguably most famous for its vast deserts and nomadic people, but it also has a long tradition of fishing - its Atlantic coast borders some of the richest grounds in the world.
CCHF outbreaks typically occur following the migrations of nomadic people and livestock to district centres where they bring animals to sell and slaughter,' the study adds.
The name and design of the stadium is modelled after Bayt Al Sha'ar, a black-and-white tent used traditionally by nomadic people in Qatar and the region.
The interaction of nomadic people with the state power forms the central theme of the book.
For city-dwellers, this is a chance to recapture in symbolic form the time when the Israelites were a nomadic people, wandering for 40 years in the desert.
Kuwait is home to at least 105,702 bidoons, many descended from nomadic people who failed to register for citizenship before a 1960 deadline.
With few educational opportunities afforded to the nomadic people they are choosing to give up their traditional life to provide these opportunities for their children.
The roads and towns are being taken over by young groups of thugs, and nomadic people are banding together to find sustenance by any means necessary.