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But experts have warned that the complicated structure means it will become extinct if future generations of the nomadic tribe don't adopt it.
The ruling NCP says the Misseriya, a big pro-unity nomadic tribe which grazes its cattle in the south during the dry season, should also vote.
The Qashqai (pronounced cash kai), which takes its name from a nomadic tribe from Iran.
The flagship Touareg - named after a nomadic tribe of the Sahara desert - has just undergone a major makeover, with 2300 parts replaced.
Named after a desert-dwelling nomadic tribe in south western Iran, the Qashqai is British designed and built at Nissan's plant in Sunderland.
The workforce has built more than 20,000 of the smaller SUV (sports utility vehicle) - named after an Iranian nomadic tribe - which will be renamed Dualis for the Japanese market.
The Himba Tribe are a Nomadic Tribe and an amazing sight, covered in red ochra and ornate jewellery over leather outfits,'' says Liz.
Paul and his mother, Jessica (Saskia Reeves), are forced to flee for their lives into the desert, where the Fremen, a fierce nomadic tribe, live.
North eastern Uganda is occupied by a nomadic tribe called the Karimojong.
To be the kings," Coquelle writes in her narrative photographic book Polo: the Nomadic Tribe.
Sudanese officials said they know the names of the eight kidnappers seeking a ransom, all of whom are members of a nomadic tribe in North Darfur.
Anthropologist Liberty who taught on the reservation in the 1950s, offers scholarly captions to the photos depicting early reservation life for this formerly nomadic tribe.