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He said: "The Bakarwals are a nomadic tribe mainly consisting of shepherds and goatherders.
Archaeologists think ancient nomadic tribes used the kites, which can be more than a mile long, for hunting.
But when it comes to introducing the technology to Europe, the Avars, a collection of nomadic tribes from the Central Asian steppe, receive credit after a number of invasions into Central and Eastern Europe around 600 A.
This is the first time that the armed nomadic tribes of northern Mali have all come to Bamako to demonstrate their willingness for inclusive dialogue.
They think that this decision threats security of Armenia, as "representatives of nomadic tribes of Eastern Iran,
Originally a rugged frontier cuisine of the nomadic tribes of the Great Himalayas, it was brought to the royal Mughal capital, which is current day Uttar Pradesh in the Ayadh region, in the 1800s in response to a famine which was ravaging the state.
Nomadic tribes throughout Arctic Scandinavia and Russia have domesticated reindeer.
The author also tries to contrast the experience of these "sinicized" countries to their relations with the nomadic tribes of the northern and northwestern borders, suggesting that there are not only military or commercial explanations for historical events but also that certain cultural interactions contributed to development of the East Asian international order.
Judges said: "The intimacy of a family yurt contrasts totally with the harsh environment where these nomadic tribes live.
To enhance the sense of peace and quiet, she has invested in a traditional Mongolian yurt, which is a portable, wood-framed dwelling structure traditionally used by nomadic tribes in Central Asia.
Events that took place long before Alexander Borodin''s birth, namely the 12th-century battles between nomadic tribes and Russia''s Christian leaders, were the inspiration for his Polovtsian Dances, taken from his opera Prince Igor, but he died before completing the work.
This episode will showcase Aashramshala a school for nomadic tribes.