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Judges said: "The intimacy of a family yurt contrasts totally with the harsh environment where these nomadic tribes live.
To enhance the sense of peace and quiet, she has invested in a traditional Mongolian yurt, which is a portable, wood-framed dwelling structure traditionally used by nomadic tribes in Central Asia.
New Delhi Mittal Patel, a young gold medallist in journalism from Gujarat University, has been trying to give a voice to nomadic tribes for the last six years.
Events that took place long before Alexander Borodin''s birth, namely the 12th-century battles between nomadic tribes and Russia''s Christian leaders, were the inspiration for his Polovtsian Dances, taken from his opera Prince Igor, but he died before completing the work.
During May, there will be Lok Virsas annual artisans-at-work festival, popularly called as Lok Mela; an exhibition on truck art & cinema board painters; creation of a three dimensional creative diorama on nomadic tribes at the Heritage Museum; an exhibition-cum-workshop on block printing as well as a photographic exhibition on the life and works of Faiz Ahmed Faiz.
One witness said that the armed men were speaking French and Arabic and were dressed in clothes worn by nomadic tribes in the country's northern desert.
At night, the nomadic tribes gathered around the cooking fires and prepared their simple meal.
A lot of opinions were heard at the summit, but the opinion that prevailed is that Roma are nomadic tribes that should be given the opprotunity to travel around Europe," stated the Bulgarian PM.
93--included ethnically and linguistically diverse nomadic tribes.
The Arsacids were in an almost perpetual state of war to defend the Persian territories against the Roman Empire in the west and nomadic tribes in the east.
For millennia, it has found itself directly and inevitably in the path of empire builders, conquerors, merchants, pilgrims, missionaries, and nomadic tribes.
The Kurdish Textile Museum is a private not-for-profit initiative and is the only museum in Kurdistan dedicated to the display, preservation, and promotion of the antique Kurdish textiles and textile crafts by settled and nomadic tribes.