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Trifling, token, or slight; not real or substantial; in name only.

Nominal capital, for example, refers to extremely small or negligible funds, the use of which in a particular business is incidental.


adjective cheap, cut-rate, hardly worth mention, honorary, in name only, inconsiderable, insignificant, little, low, low-priced, meager, minimum, minute, moderate, modest, nomine, petty, reduced, scanty, simple, slight, small, superficial, symbolic, titular, titulary, token, trifling, trivial, unactual, unimportant, unsubstantial
Associated concepts: nominal capital, nominal consideraaion, nominal damages, nominal defendant, nominal owner, nominal parties, nominal plaintiff, nominal value
See also: immaterial, inconsiderable, insignificant, negligible, null, trivial

NOMINAL. Relating to a name.
     2. A nominal plaintiff is one in whose name an action is brought, for the use of another. In this case, the nominal plaintiff has no control over the action, nor is he responsible for costs. 1 Dall. 1 39; 2 Watts, R. 12.
     3. A nominal partner is one, who, without having an actual interest in the profits of a concern, allows his name to be used, or agrees that it shall be continued therein, as a partner; such nominal partner is clearly liable to the creditors of the firm, as a general partner, although the creditors were ignorant at the time of dealing, that his name was used.. 2 H. Bl. 242, 246; 1 Esp. R. 31; 2 Campb. 302; 16 East, R. 174; 2 B. & C. 411.

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General fund and lottery spending is down in nominal dollars from the budget two years ago.
For each year and each set of governments, data are presented for each revenue source in nominal dollars, as a share of all revenues, per capita, and as a percent of personal income.
market for television sets, which is over $25 billion and expected to grow at over 13 percent per year in nominal dollars over the next few years.
The basic pay rates for all of the selected federal pay plans increased in nominal dollars from 1970 to 2006.
Consumers earned less in nominal dollars, but their income bought them more in the economy with Wal-Mart because of real disposable income gains," the study asserts.
Nominal or money wages are simply a wage rate expressed in today's nominal dollars.
As an alternative to making forecasts in real dollars, it is also possible to make all forecasts in nominal dollars and discount them at a nominal discount rate.
Give every word-processing, spreadsheet, and database program a feature that converts nominal dollars into estimated real dollars.
People are increasingly looking to sources other than current financial statements for useful information, principally because such statements are limited to past transactions, prepared in nominal dollars and based primarily on historical costs.
It's just two and one-half times bigger in nominal dollars and one-third bigger in real terms.
The wRECK is the rate per square foot that, if paid each year in nominal dollars, would equal the same total present value as the proposed variable cash flows.
As an alternative, one could first list benefits and costs in nominal dollars (i.