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Trifling, token, or slight; not real or substantial; in name only.

Nominal capital, for example, refers to extremely small or negligible funds, the use of which in a particular business is incidental.


adjective cheap, cut-rate, hardly worth mention, honorary, in name only, inconsiderable, insignificant, little, low, low-priced, meager, minimum, minute, moderate, modest, nomine, petty, reduced, scanty, simple, slight, small, superficial, symbolic, titular, titulary, token, trifling, trivial, unactual, unimportant, unsubstantial
Associated concepts: nominal capital, nominal consideraaion, nominal damages, nominal defendant, nominal owner, nominal parties, nominal plaintiff, nominal value
See also: immaterial, inconsiderable, insignificant, negligible, null, trivial

NOMINAL. Relating to a name.
     2. A nominal plaintiff is one in whose name an action is brought, for the use of another. In this case, the nominal plaintiff has no control over the action, nor is he responsible for costs. 1 Dall. 1 39; 2 Watts, R. 12.
     3. A nominal partner is one, who, without having an actual interest in the profits of a concern, allows his name to be used, or agrees that it shall be continued therein, as a partner; such nominal partner is clearly liable to the creditors of the firm, as a general partner, although the creditors were ignorant at the time of dealing, that his name was used.. 2 H. Bl. 242, 246; 1 Esp. R. 31; 2 Campb. 302; 16 East, R. 174; 2 B. & C. 411.

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The contract contains a clause allowing Stillwater the ability to terminate the agreement for a nominal fee.
Applicants can also have their application processed by Octic staff for a nominal fee.
OUT: Stephen Boyle to Brechin - free Davie Nicholls to Falkirk - nominal fee
Additional locations can be added for a nominal fee.
Online stores charge a nominal fee for gift wrapping, but for last-minute gift buyers, having the gilt wrapped and shipped (card enclosed) to loved ones directly can save precious time, especially when shipping long distance.
The 25-year-old's Maine Road dream was shattered by relegation last season and the Jambos - who launch their assault on the Cup- Winners' Cup next month - could land him for a nominal fee.
Members were not charged anything, and nonmembers paid only a nominal fee.
Songwriters are invited to register at the site and upload their MP3 files at a nominal fee of $30 each entry.