Nominal plaintiff

NOMINAL PLAINTIFF. One who is named as the plaintiff in an action, but who has no interest in it, having assigned the cause or right of action to another, for whose use it is brought.
     2. In general, he cannot interfere with the rights of his assignee, nor will he be permitted to discontinue. the action, or to meddle with it. 1 Wheat. R. 233; 1 John. Cas. 411; 3 John. Cas. 242; 1 Johns. R. 532, n.; 3 Johns. R. 426; 11 Johns. R. 47; 12 John. R. 237; 1 Phil. Ev. 90; Cowen's note 172; Greenl. Ev. SS 173; 7 Cranch, 152.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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When such lawsuits come, the company is usually named as both a nominal plaintiff and a nominal defendant.
The feds have spent the last four years in court trying to prevent former CD office manager and Project Loophole's nominal plaintiff, George Harris, from asking Revenue Canada to justify its 1991 decision to allow an unnamed billionaire family to remove $2 billion from the country without paying over $700 million in taxes.
A former CD office manager is the nominal plaintiff in the case, which is supported by ordinary taxpayers across the country.