Nominate contract

NOMINATE CONTRACT, civil law. Nominate contracts are those which have a particular name to distinguish them; as, purchase and sale, hiring, partnership, loan for use, deposit, and the like. Dig. 2, 14, 7, 1. Innominate contracts, (q.v.) are those which have no particular name. Dig. 19, 4, 1, 2 Code, 4, 64, 3.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"Imperative" elements are indispensable to a valid contract; these elements determine the contract's place in a taxonomy of nominate contract types.
(130) Governed by a particular title, each nominate contract, appearing after the obligations provisions, occupies one or more metaphorical spokes, has distinctive characteristics, and often invokes by analogy the application of the obligations provisions.
Imperial Roman jurists originated an elaborate taxonomy of nominate contracts. Generally, each nominate contract (132) had distinctive remedial formulas that the Roman index relied upon in granting or denying relief to an aggrieved party.
From a civilian perspective, article 2, without using the term "nominate," essentially regulated a nominate contract of sale of movables.
In the last three decades, a number of new Islamic financial products have been developed primarily by applying Islamic nominate contracts in new ways to achieve the economic profiles of conventional products, so as to allow Muslims to have access to financial services in ways that are not contradictory with their belief.