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Cruz finished second in the GOP nomination contest, and the final days of the primary with Trump were some of the most bitter campaigning in American political history.
The last states to vote will likely determine whether the Democrats can finally put the long nomination contest aside and turn to fight Republican Donald Trump or whether intra-party fighting will continue between Clinton and Sanders.
Both have dropped out of the Republican nomination contest.
OBSERVERS of the Republican presidential nomination contest have moved from laughter and dismissal of Donald Trump to wary acceptance of the mogul as the GOP front-runner.
In the nomination contest, she's running well ahead of her chief challenger, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.
Cuban-American producer Emilio Estefan led the initiative given the popularity in the Republican presidential nomination contest of tycoon Donald Trump, who denounced undocumented Mexicans as rapists and drug dealers.
I anticipate that the effects of early voting on candidate support should be greatest when a presidential nomination contest features a clear front-runner and a challenger(s) with less exposure to the electorate.
No one knows right now whether Trump will flame out or prove to have staying power, but one thing is clear: He is not the only one injecting strangeness into the nomination contest.
That could make Rubio the third Republican senator to enter his party's presidential nomination contest, which is shaping up to be one of the most wide open races of recent election cycles.
Schumer endorsed Clinton for president during a speech Saturday night at an Iowa Democratic Party dinner, more than two years before the state's presidential caucuses open the nomination contest.
Driving through Iowa in his black pickup truck, he visited every county in the state, confident that his constant presence there would lead to a vital victory in the nation's first nomination contest.
The last few decades of US political history indicates that the victor in presidential nomination contests usually leads national polls of party identifiers on the eve of the Iowa ballot (traditionally the first nomination contest of the election season), and also raises more campaign finance than any other candidate in the 12 months prior to election year.