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The minister, who was speaking in Rajya Sabha earlier in the day, said the action was initiated following non-compliance by nearly 200 companies with the provisions of section 134 (8) of the Companies Act, 2013.
The agency has imposed a USD4m fine on some insurance companies for non-compliance with operational rules and guidelines.
After considering the bank`s reply and other furnished information, RBI came to the conclusion that the charges of non-compliance with RBI directions/ guidelines were substantiated and warranted imposition of monetary penalty.
The empirical study focuses on the identification of SCNR resulting from the failure of Islamic banks to satisfy the essential Shari'ah requirements and conditions as stipulated in the relevant jurisdiction's standards, or widely accepted international Shari'ah standards, the implications of which are reflected in Shari'ah non-compliance income of Islamic banks that serve as 'proxy' for the SNCR.
The foodstuff that were re-exported for non-compliance last year included 1,392 boxes of bread, 1,224 boxes of tomato paste, 1,872 boxes of juice, 149 boxes of pickles, 2,326 boxes of various foodstuff and 151 packages of honey.
Keywords: Non-compliance, renal transplant recipients, psychosocial factors, perceived social and family support, self- efficacy
Lab tests showed 3 cases of non-compliance with diesel fuel quality requirements and 1 case of non-compliance with biofuel component requirements.
6] Although the prevalence of partial or complete non-compliance is known to be extremely high in schizophrenia, it is likely that both patients and their clinicians overestimate adherence to treatment regimens.
Our solutions can help our clients minimise the risk of non-compliance efficiently and with very little administration effort.
Further analysis of the mishaps categorized as "Compliance" was then performed to identify whether member non-compliance was "willful non-compliance" or whether non-compliance was more of a unintentional nature.
Michael Budkie, cofounder and executive director of Stop Animal Exploitation Now, said a non-compliance of the animal welfare act should be considered a violation.
China-based software and solutions developer Kingtone Wirelessinfo Solution Holding Ltd (Nasdaq:KONE) revealed on Thursday that it has received a notification of non-compliance from the Nasdaq Stock Market.