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HSBC Holdings (LSE: HSBA), which is looking to sell off its non-profitable unit in Turkey, has received three bids.
By November 2015, the national airline Air Namibia could resume flights to Accra, Ghana, following nearly two years of political pressure and heavy lobbying from the Ghanaian government after the national airline cancelled flights to Ghana claiming route as non-profitable.
Winterkorn, who had earlier stated that the company is likely to decide to stop making non-profitable models including convertibles, also told Spiegel that the group was taking a hard look at its Eos convertible model as it tries to cut complexity by reducing the number of different models it offers.
According to Elia, production capacity could be added, if necessary, throughA the restart of non-profitable gas-fired power plantsA or through the switch-off ofA large industrial users.
The concept has kicked in into our nation and is now redefining the way we look at Charity and Non-Profitable Services.
In 4Q the company recorded non-cash impairment of assets of $467m, including non-profitable assets, equipment and the Kopeika brand.
Addressing the ceremony, the Prince asserted that the Foundation has been seeking to develop the society, support non-profitable societies and productive families, and to strengthen its links with citizens through charitable programs, explaining that the Foundation will extend its works to include all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the future.
Citing the arbers as the reason for failing to accept reasonable bets is common place among bookmakers on the high street these days, and yet the practice of not accepting bets at the advertised price and closing down non-profitable accounts has been part of their defence mechanism long before the chance to lay horses was available.
According to experts, these fluctuations are due to the indigenous marketing, low support price and high cost of production, which is making these crops non-profitable to local farmers.
Pakistan International Freight For-warders Association is a non-profitable organisation representing more than 500 companies based in Pakistan providing Land, Air, Ocean Combined Transport and other Logistics services.
Bou-Abdullah, in a statement to KUNA, said prime objective of setting up the non-profitable joint chamber, 35 years ago, was promoting the economic ties between Portugal and the Arab states on basis of interest exchange, asserting keenness on reaching phase of "industrial partnership and integration in economic and financial arenas" between the two sides.
Revenue declined in the snacks division following the company's planned exit from its non-profitable commodity business.

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