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Summary: In celebration of the Holy Month of Ramadan, Sezzam at Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates joined Dubai Centre for Special Needs fundraising drive to raise money for the Dubai based non-profitable education organisation.
which is currently trying to sell off its non-profitable <em>BusinessWeek</em>, said Thursday it has cut 550 jobs, or 2.
AFTER reading the article on Cardiff Bus ( March 31) I am a firm believer in fair competition and after writing so many complaints regarding Cardiff Bus, I feel we should be wary of other companies plying for the busy profitable routes, and leaving the not so popular non-profitable routes alone.
While one new store had opened last year, four non-profitable stores had closed, said CEO Mark Titterton, and this year GT had continued to dispose of stores that no longer met strategic objectives.
Surgeons and doctors from international teaching hospitals will take part in this voluntary humanitarian work in partnership with Abu Dhabi Police, Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce, as well as non-profitable local and international organisations.
He also sheds the non-profitable parts of the business and takes control of a leaner, meaner, more viable concern.
Trends, such as non-profitable products, inefficient machine use and workers who need to improve productivity can he identified.
In addition, Kingfisher will also buy the surplus flight kilometres that IA operates on non-profitable routes.
It says it doesn't like to pour taxpayers' money on non-profitable firms.
A national, non-profitable organization consisting of China's steel enterprises, institutions, societies and individuals in the iron and steel industry.
Noting that Club Med is still at a non-profitable position, she said: "we need an occupancy rate of at least 67% to break even.
parent is to divide up its global divisions and continue running profitable divisions, while ending the operations of non-profitable divisions, the Aomori official said.

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