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'In the s and the appointment letters of the 37,000 teachers we had mentioned that their services would be non-transferable and based in the schools of their first appointment,' recalled one of the district education officers.
'Neither of us knew anything about them being non-transferable.
All vouchers are non-transferable. Lowest price dish will be the dish for free.
However, the resident does not technically own her unit, but has a "lifetime right" (non-transferable) to live in the unit.
And is a non-negotiable and non-transferable certificate of deposit an instrument or a general intangible?
However, the FTC has intervened through a lawsuit and argued that the database is a non-transferable asset.
Thus, instead of contributing capital for a non-transferable partnership interest, the equivalent "vice president" or "senior vice president" may wind up with a significant amount of marketable stock.
[Homicidal rights non-transferable; Some restrictions apply.]
The inefficiency of a non-transferable lottery lies in the fact that those who draw the goods in the lottery may not be the ones who value the goods the highest, or in the case of bads, may be the ones who have the highest cost of being drawn.
Under the proposed Rights Offering, the Company will distribute non-transferable subscription rights to purchase one share of Common Stock for each share of Common Stock outstanding, at a subscription price per share of $0.50, to its stockholders of record as of June 28, 2018.
The GDL Fund's (NYSE:GDL) board of trustees closed the non-transferable rights offering of over 2.6m series C cumulative puttable and callable preferred shares that totalled an estimated USD131.2m, the company reported on Friday.
Bank guarantees or guarantees of the cooperative savings and credit, the fact that guaranteeing the cash is always a monetary guarantee, Bank guarantees, irrevocable, non-transferable, payable on the first request of the Employer, Insurance guarantees, irrevocable, non-transferable, payable on the first request of the Employer, Guarantees granted by the entities referred to in art.

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