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Among specific topics are conformism and non-conformity as categories of literary criticism, the American scholar's coming of age, descriptive detours in Annie Dillard's Fraying at the Fringe, disrupting national myths in Jim Jarmusch's Dead Man, and conformism and non-conformism in advertising.
The Carre of the title is a symbolic allusion to the box that surrounds all strangers, serving both as a protective retreat and a prison; the courtyard is society's law court where the strangers are tried for their non-conformism, their ex-centricities.
An examination of the role of Protestant Non-conformism is especially illustrative of the sometimes paradoxical interconnections among differing forms of consciousness and action.
It carries negative connotations, particularly in English football where non-conformism is generally treated with great suspicion.
Next time you see somebody wearing a tongue stud - a symbol of rebellion and non-conformism - remember that exactly the same device can be used for therapeutic reasons, with huge benefits.
FOR over 200 years its stout stone walls echoed to the great anthems of Welsh Non-Conformism - Calon Lan, Cwm Rhondda and Sanctaidd.
However, Parliament also wanted to extend the influence of the Church of England, particularly in the burgeoning industrial areas, where non-conformism was increasing.
Non-conformism is this week's theme, with several artists of maverick inclination paying visits to venues across the patch.
Timeform is another country-they do things differently there, retaining considerable faith in the iconoclastic, non-conformism of founder Phil Bull.
Stephen Rhys Johnson HE made me laugh at his wickedness and non-conformism.

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