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Non-conformist registers of births/baptisms, burials and membership.
He has worked as a non-conformist minister at chapels in the South Wales mining valleys for 11 years.
John will give us a fascinating insight into Bedworth and the history of its many non-conformist places of worship.
One of the most significant developments in Welsh life was the breaking down of the influence of the Established Church in the 17th century when several splits occurred and the various Non-Conformist churches established their considerable footholds in the Principality -something which persists,albeit in a diminished capacity, until today.
It includes details of more than 13 million burials contained in parish registers, non-conformist registers, Roman Catholic, Jewish and other registers as well as cemetery and cremation records.
How the establishment must have spluttered into their cuppas as they pondered on how such a scenario was possible in a country such as Wales, that had eternally been portrayed as being unrelentingly Non-Conformist Protestant.
Being a Non-conformist, rather than an Anglican, he thought he wouldn't be accepted.
That said, even monotheistic Judaism itself was merely a non-conformist off shoot of the countless god-based faiths of the ancient Egyptians, just as Christianity is a non-conformist cult which took its rise from Judaism.
Those who have the privilege to serve in non-conformist denominations are known as 'ministers', never vicars, as any basic research would have shown.
The Old Meeting Church, a United Reformed Church built in 1826, was one of the earliest non-conformist chapels.
This form of chanting was called 'pwnc' but very few Non-Conformist chapels sing the pwnc these days, preferring instead to recite the Bible passages.
Built in 1726, it is one of the earliest non-conformist chapels, and visitors can study early chained Bibles, a copy of the diary of the church's first minister and other documents.

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