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They were perhaps the first non-conformist Soviet painters to become well known in the West.
The non-conformist journalist Shimmin, for example, in writing a description of an area of Liverpool notorious for prostitutes, identified a range of slumming middle-class men, which he described as 'queer fish on the loose' or "gentlemen bent on seeing life as it swings in all its charming variety.
The computer revolution is being led by non-conformists, tinkerers, and visionaries who combine invention and commerce in a single transforming package.
This abuse mocks tenure's origin as protection for radicals and non-conformists.
did not, in fact, haul miscreants up before congressional committees," he writes, "fire or flunk non-conformists, pillory them in the press or take their passports away.
Oxygen salutes the free spirits, visionaries, and non-conformists who make a difference during "Bad Girls Week.
The ejectment was followed by a long period of suffering for the new non-conformists.
Now that we have our own lawmaking powers, being unable to speak Welsh will make all us non-conformists and we will soon be shipped over the border.
Invariably their subjects fall into several groups, from the quilted Chanel brigade, who discreetly dress in luxury labels and always in black, to the non-conformists, who love nothing more than the element of shock and will happily talk at length about the quest for the perfect pirate hat or authentic military jacket.
A stalwart of the middleclasses both in Europe and the US, the V70 will appeal to those progressive non-conformists who don't care for SUVs and prefer their load-luggers a little on the conservative side.
Keele University Chapel, designed by the prominent church architect George Pace, was planned to be multi-denominational, with one of the apses dedicated to Roman Catholic worship and the other for Anglicans and Non-Conformists.

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