Non-Departmental Public Body

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Non-Departmental Public Body (NDPB)

a body which has a role in the process of national government, but is not a government department or part of one, and which accordingly operates to a greater or lesser extent at arm's length from Ministers.
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The framework agreement between CCS and Yolk Recruitment covers the UK-wide supply of permanent recruitment services to UK public sector bodies including central government departments and their arm's-length bodies and agencies, non-departmental public bodies and wider public sector organisations.
This volume examines the delivery of health care, social care, education, housing, welfare benefits, and other related welfare services in the UK in the context of governance and social policies, looking at the role of government departments and executive agencies, non-departmental public bodies and other quasi-autonomous nongovernmental organizations, local government, devolved institutions, private and third-sector bodies, and inter-organizational partnerships.
Of the 34 Defra-funded non-departmental public bodies, more than a third operate in Wales, said shadow environment minister Llyr Gruffydd.
It has urged workers in the civil service and related non-departmental public bodies, the Health Service, the Education Boards and the Northern Ireland Assembly to support the move.
It means Promovere's services will be available for use by, among others, Scottish ministers, non-departmental public bodies, parliamentary corporate, fire and rescue groups and health boards.
Pay packages for every employee of non-departmental public bodies earning over Au150,000 have been put online by the Cabinet Office.
Salaries for every employee of non-departmental public bodies earning over pounds 150,000 were put online by the Cabinet Office.
Francis Maude, the former Conservative chairman, was condemned after launching a stinging attack on Britain's socalled "non-departmental public bodies" (NDPBs) They include National Museums Liverpool (NML), and also the Human Tissue Authority, set up to prevent a repeat of the organ retention scandal at Alder Hey Hospital.
What are quangos and non-departmental public bodies?
Under the terms of the agreement SurfControl will supply its solutions to all of the Northern Ireland Civil Service Departments as well as the Northern Ireland Office, associated agencies and non-departmental public bodies.
Report authors Sarah Ayres and Graham Pearce, of Aston Business School, said: 'The jigsaw of non-departmental public bodies, task forces and local public spending bodies are governed by people appointed by government Ministers.

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