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PRIMATE, eccl. law.. An archbishop who has jurisdiction over one or several other metropolitans.

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New Preclinical Results in Non-Human Primates Demonstrate Significant and Sustained Reduction of Transthyretin Using its Proprietary LUNARTM Delivery Technology
Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, demonstrated in vivo efficacy for an RNAi therapeutic targeting PCSK9 in mice, rats, and non-human primates.
No other HIV vaccine candidate currently in human clinical testing has achieved this level of preclinical success in non-human primates.
The objective of this escalating-dose pilot study was to assess numerous safety-related parameters for this formulation in non-human primates since it is known that proper evaluation of complement activation is best performed in this type of animal prior to human use.
FDA's "Animal Efficacy Rule" and the Use of Non-Human Primates
GeoVax AIDS vaccines protected 22/23 non-human primates for over 3 1/2 years and 5/6 non-vaccinated controls died of AIDS post-AIDS virus infection.
In the coming year, Mymetics intends to conduct another study in non-human primates for testing of an improved vaccine version.
International Primate Day will be marked with activity in the USA and Europe, with a new report on non-human primate experiments being delivered to Tony Blair at 10.
The study was designed to evaluate the expression profile and safety of RNA formulated with Celsion's TheraSilence(TM) delivery system in non-human primates.
and colleagues showed that non-human primates inoculated with the candidate NIAID/GSK vaccine developed both antibody and T-cell responses, and that these were sufficient to protect vaccinated animals from disease when they were later exposed to high levels of Ebola virus.
Animal activists lure the public with the most sensitive of all animals used in experiments: with non-human primates ([NHP] eg, macaques, rhesus monkeys).
Researchers were able to make 9 of the unconscious patients bring their hands up and open their mouths by stimulating a part of the brain that is linked to those actions in non-human primates.

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