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They see China's declared principle of non-interference in the affairs of others for what it is: support for authoritarian rule.
Al-Jubeir stressed that the two countries determine to address terrorism and extremism and focus on respecting international laws and non-interference in others' affairs, and are looking forward to fruitful cooperation between the two friendly countries.
The Government of the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea, in contrast to institutions such as Transparencia Internacional, respects international justice bodies, and for that reason, will await the conclusions of the International Court, in this way showing due respect for international law which should apply for all, in order to safeguard the necessary respect and right to non-interference between sovereign States.
Qassemi noted that Iran's foreign policy is based on non-interference in other countries' affairs and mutual respect, and said, "Tehran believes in non-interference in other countries' affairs and heed for historical and legal facts and realities under the current sensitive situation of the region.
However, this matter is directly linked to Iran's policy in the region and its commitment to the essential principles of the United Nations Charter with regards to the non-interference in the domestic affairs of other countries and the respect of their sovereignty," Al Jarallah told the media on the sideline of a Ramadan banquet hosted by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Shaikh Sabah Khalid Al Hamad Al Sabah, Kuwaiti media reported on Wednesday.
Pointing out that the principle of non-interference is laid down in the UN Charter, the ministry reaffirmed "Egypt's refusal of intervention in the affairs of Arab sister countries".
A senior State Department official said Kerry and Sharif emphasised their support for a policy of non-interference in Afghanistan by all countries in the region.
So the same non-interference response may eventually surface sometime next century.
He expressed Syria's appreciation for the stances of the Palestinian leadership in support of Syria's unity and stability and non-interference in the Syrian internal affairs.
11 communique welcomed "the new direction of the Iranian leadership towards GCC states" and expressed the hope that "it will result in tangible steps which will positively impact regional peace and stability" and "bolster GCC co-operation with Iran on good neighbourly relations, non-interference in internal affairs and avoid threats of using force".
At the meeting, al-Qirbi confirmed the keenness of Yemen on its relations with Iran within the framework of the common interests and respect for the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of States and to maintain the security and stability of the countries in the region.
M the Sultan stressed that " the foreign policy, its essence is the call for peace, harmony and close co-operation with all nations, as well as commitment to the principles of righteousness, justice, fairness and non-interference in the internal affairs of others and the settlement of dispute through peaceful means to help safeguard for all mankind its security, stability, prosperity and progress.

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