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The Free Patritic Movement leader went on to label any non-partisan government as imbuing fraudulence and resembling a fake cheque, especially that such kind of governments would seek to exercise caretaking duties to replace the current one, according to him.
The document makes it clear that voter registration and get-out-the-vote campaigns must be conducted in a strictly non-partisan manner.
11) Non-partisan get out the vote activities Yes Yes
The Non-Partisan League expeditiously came into existence in Alberta in 1916 off the momentum of the election successes of the League in North Dakota and the rapid, overwhelming support it found in the neighbouring province of Saskatchewan.
It seems likely that making the state Senate and Oregon House non-partisan would diminish the partisan battles and encourage lawmakers to find common ground.
But the main outcome was the `Sarajevo Commitment', a document outlining ethical and non-partisan practice in the media for the new century.
Although the elections are non-partisan, we all know who's Democrat and who's Republican," said Sullivan, "and we're going to use any issues out there we think are legitimate.
Delaine Eastin, Superintendent of Public Instruction - Non-Partisan
campaign, a historic, non-partisan Latino civic participation initiative to encourage everyone to be counted in the 2010 Census.
Bulgaria needs a non-partisan President, Meglena Kuneva, Bulgaria's former EU Commissioner, stated Monday.
LIBERTY HILL, Texas, March 31 /PRNewswire/ -- The Constitution Party announced today it is endorsing GOOOH, (an acronym for Get Out Of Our House, pronounced "go"), the non-partisan plan to send independent citizen candidates to the U.